Bangla New Year Celebration

Pohela Boishakh is the most festive cultural event of Bengali tradition. CIVA has celebrated the every Bengali New Year, with a great deal of enthusiasm. Pohela Boiishakh is a celebration simply of the people and the unifying spirit of Bengal. In an explosion of colour, every Pohela Boishakh sees Bangladeshis from all walks of life celebrating the coming year with much fun and enthusiasm. Supporting this esteem, CIVA celebrate the Pohela Boishakh. Parents and students wear traditional clothes and made their-selves up beautifully. You may be surprised by watching 200 colorfully attired people, mostly children along with mothers, dancing to the beats of drums and other Bangla folk musical instruments .The campus was filled with colours, music and food. Students organized a beautiful cultural show. Spectators were mesmerized by their amazing performances of music and dance.

January 26, 2021

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