Children Festival 2018,2019 and 2020

  • CIVA Children’s Festival is a fun filled day full of activities for the children to enjoy. Our motto is “Growing Together”, so we ask that every child is accompanied by an adult. Since the CIVA Children’s Festival began in 2017, it has grown to attract over 5,000 individuals, schools and families.

  • Children can engage in physical game activities, listen quietly to story telling, or use their imaginations by making creations from new and recycled materials.

    Children are also able to enjoy the accomplishments of their peers, as they are entertained by their dancing, drumming, singing, or playing musical instruments on the auditorium stage.

Some of the fun and exciting activities include:
Live performances

Art Activity
Crafting and Beading                          
Children’s Entertainers
​Graffiti Wall
​Play dough      
Many More Games and Activities

CIVA Children’s Festival Purpose:

It’s not enough to just provide information to our children and expect them to process that into something spectacular. It is incumbent on us to create opportunities for them to have fun but to learn in the process. It is equally important, in order for us to thrive as a community, that we embrace our cultural differences. In many instances our struggles are caused by a simple lack of knowledge, folklore or urban legend.

Our goal is to create a curiosity, ignite a passion, break down a barrier, remove a fear…all by giving our children the chance to see and do things they may not otherwise.

January 26, 2021

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