CIVA classroom and studio activities are structured around close personal attention in a family atmosphere. Students get to know the faculty well through extensive one-on-one training and mentorship. Numerous social activities within the department lead to strong bonds that last for years.


Students are expected to develop professional practices from their first semester in the program. Each student documents her or his work and engages in professional development activities including exhibitions, design work, commissions, outreach, curating and student teaching.

Chittagong Institute of Visual Arts - CIVA

Chittagong First Art Photography And Child Development Institute

Outdoor Arts Class

Learn to explore, analyze and interpret the nature through outdoor arts classes. Expressive arts and design is a very important part of the curriculum because it helps student to see the world in new, exciting and creative ways by encouraging them to observe the world around them and appreciate.

Meet With Artist Program

CIVA Artist Talks Program is open to all artists, the program does support individual artists talking about their work. A peer-to-peer artists discussing an art topic of interest to collectors, curators, other artists, students or the media. Artist Talks are always open to the public.

Visiting Artists Program

This student-run program brings an outstanding roster of local, national and international artists to CIVA each semester for lectures, critiques, and workshops. The program exposes students and the public to a range of artistic approaches and fosters discussion about contemporary art and ideas


This courses are open for all skill levels who have completed a art course and provide a valuable opportunity to develop their skills under the guidance of senior CIVA faculty.

Student Leadership

Through student leadership positions, students have the unique opportunity to develop their interests, empower their education and positively engage with and develop a welcoming, inclusive community across campus.

Annual Exhibition

CIVA Annual Student Art Exhibition is a presentation of selected student artworks from the past academic year. The works are chosen by an expert in the field of art, invited by the Art and Design faculty for his/her expertise and understanding of student artworks.

About of CIVA

CIVA School Classroom Activities are designed to facilitate maximum learning and comprehension. Many of the classroom activities are fun games through which students practice important skills in math, language arts, science, social studies and art.

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